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  • 69 Sex with hot girls from Switzerland

    The 69 is the perfect position if both partners want to satisfy each other in oral sex. Here, the man lies on his back and the woman gegenverkehrt on him - hence the name "69". In this position the man can lick the clitoris of the woman and the woman can blow the man's penis. Of course, two women or two men can practice the 69s sex position as well. Find your matching sex contact for your 69 Sexfantasie on 6navi.ch! Although the 69er position is not only the most popular but also the most intimate sex positions, strictly speaking, it is not sexual intercourse. This has the advantage, among other things, that pregnancy prevention can be dispensed with. Nevertheless, it is important to pay attention to good and thorough intimate hygiene and a thorough shower before is actually mandatory - in modern sex clubs or private meetings, this is fortunately no problem! A true firework of pleasure, because both partners can be stimulated and stimulated at the same time. The 69 is a popular position for foreplay, but also the orgasm in this position has its charm.

    Oral sex with 69 sex - just awesome!

    Anyone who has tried this incredibly awesome 69 position will want to do it again and again, to heat up during foreplay or to orgasm. One of the hottest sex practices for oral sex ever. Our 6navi girls go for it! Get this girl really into action with a hot foreplay. If you are in the mood for the 69th position, you can get it in every canton in Switzerland - with 6navi.ch!

    69 experience sex

    There are different positions that can be taken during sex. Variant 1: Both are superimposed. Here, one partner lies on his back, the other lies in reverse direction on him, so that both are lying face to face with each other's genitals. If the woman is down, it is not easy for the man above to reach the vulva and the clitoris. It is better if the woman is upstairs. Here she can also kneel over the face of her partner. So he can indulge her completely relaxed to your heart's content.

    2 Variant 69 Sex: Both partners lie relaxed on the side, with the face to the lap of the other. The good thing about this position: Both have much more freedom of movement. Minus point: The woman has to keep her legs slightly open. 69 Sex Muscle cramp pre-programmed :-)

    The easiest variant is it - and that also benefits those who do not like multitasking - to indulge in succession. So you can enjoy the caresses of the other fully, without having to endeavor at the same time to him. Of course there will be a rebate afterwards.

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