Service for your "Full Package": Testicle massage in {region}

In sex techniques such as the hand job, the testicles are often and happily forgotten. The eggs, balls (or whatever you prefer to call them) are extremely sensitive - in most cases in the best erotic sense! But the testicles don't just have to be "served at the same time", a real testicle massage takes much more time for your region around the testicles! During the testicle massage, the girl gently pulls on your scrotum, caresses and massages your thighs, the base of your penis and the perineum (the region between the anus and scrotum). Of course, this form of erotic massage can be combined with almost any other service. The testicle massage is also popular for foreplay, because it ensures good blood circulation in your abdomen and really gets you going before it gets hard!

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